From: "James Gilmore" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 2:37 AM
Subject: Net Neutrality is the only answer.

It is crucial that the neutrality of the internet be protected. The internet is the Golden Goose of this this era. Net neutrality what allows it to continue producing golden eggs. Everyone is equal on the internet, which means that anyone with a good idea can make their fortune. Allow telecoms to lobby away net neutrality, and effectively you allow them to lay the axe to the Golden Goose. No longer will she lay golden eggs. Don't let the greed of the telecoms destroy this source of our prosperity. Such a thing could, and likely would, seriously destablize the economy. That's the answer from aneconomic standpoint.

The general feel I get from everyone I know or know of is that people are starting to be very disgruntled with the jobs politicians are (not) doing. Our freedoms are being bled away, that's a fact. Internet Neutrality is a very personal issue with everyone I know, even the non-tech-savvy. It may well be the most important topic going into the next election. Voting against net neutrality could end a political carreer. Voting for net neutrality almost certainly would be safe. It's like the saying goes, "Noone ever got fired for choosing IBM." Likewise, a politician would do well voting for freedom and neutrality instead of telecom monopoly and tyranny. That's the answer from a political standpoint.

Protect the Golden Goose. Her golden eggs feed the economy. Protect the neutrality of the internet.