From: "Joel Schindel" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 3:00 AM
Subject: Internet helth

The prospect of altering ICANN is a daunting one, and quite possibly and
unnessicay one. ICANN is one of the main resions that the Internet has
spread so quickly and has remained so stable. having one authority
controlling one standard on one system ensures that any one can access the
Internet easily. as the Internet becomes more and more integrated with our
lives it is important that it remains stable and assessable. ICANN has done
an amazing job of this, and the resulting network is so powerful it is
unchallenged in the commercial market place. of other importance is the
sympicty of the current system. as a byproduct of ICANN approving so few new
top level domains users can remember almost any TLD. this in turn makes the
end domain name easy to remember. for example is assessable
through and .net, and almost all websites are registered as
either .com .org or .net. for thees resions i think it is very important to
leave ICANN the way it is.

Joel S.