From: "Leland Grissom" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 3:10 AM
Subject: The future of the internet

Dear National Telecommunications and Information Administration,

My name is Michael Grissom, I am sixteen year old student, who is enorlling
in college this fall. I have been using the internet since 1996. I have
grown up with this wonderful tool for education, communication, and general
knowledge. I do not wish it to be changed in anyway. I like the way it is
now, it is user driven. Giving the Government any control over it would be
the worst thing possible for users all around the world. Me growing up and
planning on becoming a teacher can see just how well this tool can change
the educational world. It has become a creative playground for millions of
people around the world, stimulating minds keeping people connected, and
teaching. If laws passed by the government such as the net neutrality bill,
it would cause the breakdown of the internet as we know, the competitive
market online would cease to exist because companies can regulate which
sites the users can visit. Doing so would be breaking the 1st ammendment
rights of all the americans.

Having grown up with the internet readily available, i have been opened up
to all sorts of cultures i have a penpal from nearly all continents and the
knowledge we gain from each other really can change the way we look at the
world. Not having the chance to freely use Skype, Google, or Wikipedia would
be a shame and the ISP's and Telco's charging these companies is wrong, they
already pay to get there sites paying more is not the answer. America is
behind in Internet speeds, we are among one of the slowest countries to
roll out more bandwidth. Government programs to increase the bandwidth to
the consumers would be helpful.

ICANN i believe is fine in the state it is in right now. There is absolutly
nothing wrong with what it is doing. One of the many things I am concerned
about is the privacy of internet users, i for one do not believe that people
should be monitoring VOIP calls, and I am completely against the NSA spying
with out a warrent and i believe legislation should be passed, that prevents
this, or maybe if the consitution was not ingnored by the current
Administration it would be a little more obvious that this is unacceptable.
I believe the best for the US government is not to try to fix something that
is not broken and allow it to stay the same. I would like to see the
government more actively involved in increase speeds of internet access
across the country because we are a world leader and we should have the
technology this is ahead of the rest.

Michael Grissom, FL, USA