From: "Mark Pelham" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 3:12 AM
Subject: My Views

ICANN has been a successful and interocular part of the Internets
development for the past decade. To understand the history of the
development of the Internet and the way it's heading in the future
provides us with an opportunity to make the whole system better. The
first concern to be considered, the involvement of the international
community with ICANN, cannot be ignored. The United States should
certainly retain most of the control of its functions seeing how it
was the primary developer and investor. But we should also develop a
system that allows other nations to voice their concerns more
effectively. A second concern, the Independence of ICANN and the
Internet itself, is a more pressing issue. Since the Internet
developed from a US govt. program in the 1980's it should remain
totally free of commercial control. It was developed with public
dollars, therefore should be used in the public interests only. ICANN
and the Internet should be controlled by an independent, govt. funded
body to retain its effectiveness and Independence. Thank you for
listening to my concerns, and I hope you find mine and many others
views important.

Thank You,
Mark Pelham