From: pieter Claassen <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 4:38 AM
Subject: High level design principles

People die when you allow social services to compete with each other
commercially because there is not enough oversight in the world to stop the
greedy from neglecting the needy

Remember the railways in Britain a few years ago? The fire service in NY two
hundred years ago?

Politics: The question it seems is whether the internet is a commercial
venture or a social service.

In reality it could be a layered combination of both for instance by making
connectivity and related services (DNS, etc.) a global public service but
allowing operators to sell Value Added Services ranging from improved
performance to e-commerce on top of it.

Governance: It does not matter which country hosts the seat, the issue is
stakeholder representation. Stakeholders are:
- Governments
- Commercial operators (network providers)
- Competitors (phone companies etc.)
- Clients (silent majority)
- Academics
- some more

Some principles:
- Governments should not represent clients directly since they don't
understand the technology and have national agendas.
- All humans should have the right to access the internet at a basic service
level. This should include 3rd world countries.

Pieter Claassen