From: "Ivor Deacon" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 4:55 AM
Subject: Internet Management


I have worked at an ISP for many years and the single largest issue is
surely education. The Internet needs a champion body to educate the public
and serve as a single focal point for information.

I would suggest quasi-governmental body such as ICANN has shown it is
willing to allow undue influence to be exerted (.xxx anyone?) and so a
private sector body should be considered.

The internet has enough money rolling around it to make running the Internet
a viable business proposition, and so while we would suffer the inevitable
profiteering such a body would indulge in, they would have the money, power
and influence to crush issues like spam and viruses.

I appreciate government would like to control the Internet, but I think it's
too important a development to allow the fluctuating political concerns of
numerous Governments over the decades to guide it's growth. At least with a
private sector body money drives the policies and money is driven by the
users, giving a degree of control and accountability.

Education is the main issue, and while a company like ICANN stays in the
shadows and consorts with the US government, we'll all get a stunted version
of the Internet.