From: Esana Anderson <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 4:59 AM
Subject: Vote FOR Net Neutrality

Vote FOR Net Neutrality

It's a choice between Life and Death, watch the video.

The Internet belongs to the public, it's paid for by our tax dollars.

Esana Anderson

I love music, movies, and books. I also love technology. I want to
use technology to deliver the media I love anywhere, anywhen [sic],
with anyone.
This is fair use: I bought it, let me use it. I will tell all my
friends about my favorite music. I might play it for them or even
give them a digital version of a song. This is evangelism, not theft.
This is advertising you cannot buy.
Restrictive copyright is like a vegetarian knife. You bought the
knife, but if you cut meat with it, we'll sue you. Excuse me? Let's
think again.

"The real choice is liberty versus control."