From: <>
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Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 5:18 AM
Subject: The internet should be governed like Hong Kong

I believe the internet should be governed like how the British
governed Hong Kong back in the 20th century.

The British ruled Hong Kong with a benevolent government, meaning they
ran Hong Kong with a hands off approach. Sure they built schools,
libraries, hospitals, roads and other infrastructures. Yes they
enforced simple straight forward laws on murder and theft. But that
was pretty much it. No federal trade commisions, no labor laws, no
minimum wage. Without the enormous red tape or beaucracy, (compared
to other places) Hong Kong managed to grow from a rock around water
with no natural resources to one of the most important destinations in
the world. There are so many rich people and succesful businesses in
Hong Kong thanks to this type of government.

There is a place that is the complete opposite of this hands off
approach. It's India. There are so many smart people over in India,
but no one can start a business because of all the beaucracy (not
because of the amount of people living in India) If India had the
government that Hong Kong had 70 years ago, India would be full of
skyscrapers with a large middle class today.

When you leave things alone, people just get on with it. It's pretty simple.

Thank you for reading.

Richard Lam