From: Michael <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 7:13 AM
Subject: Total Net neutallity is the way to go...

I believe the only thing limiting the speed of the internet should be the capability of the underlying technology. The idea of transporting some traffic faster than other traffic is absurd. Every packet should be moved as fast as the network can cope with. Net neutrallity is a must if we want to keep the internet the open, free, varied place it is now. ICANN is doing a fine job, however I think that if the control was passed from the US government to the world as a whole, the internet would be much fairer. I think it should be a globally maintained interconnected series of networks where the only ownership of it is the ownership of the hardware. The network as a whole should not be controlled by anyone who has anything to gain from it going one way or the other. Any speed increases should benefit anyone who has access to the net. The only charges should be ISP charges (however it would be nice if datacenters didn't charge so much for bandwidth overages, but that's a different debate) and the governments of the world should run the internet as a planet and not with the interests of one country in mind.