From: "Firefox lover Julia Tucker" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 8:16 AM
Subject: Internet

Now, granted I'm only in my pre-teen years but I feel I should have a say in this. The bad news is that you, really can't control the Internet. There's a law against spam right? Yet, I still at this very moment have a total of 25 pieces of spam which I received over night. There's a law against hacking into websites. I personally know someone whose website was hacked and spent a week in total frenzy and the most they were able to find out about the hacker was that he was somewhere in Europe. The Internet "world" is really completely beyond the control of the government. Individual people who admin sites are able to do the occasional banning when somebody gets out of control but there's really no one central power that can tell people what to do. With that in mind I think you should just let the Internet go. Forget about it. Let it manage itself. Stop trying to control what you can't. Yes I know, you're going to read this and think "What does this kid know? She probably is just typing this because she's bored." Yes, I'm in my pre-teen years but I've been doing this "Internet thing" for two or three years now, and because I manage a blogging site have had my share of trolls and site issues. Please just take the time to think what I've said.
J. Tucker