From: "Jason Schwier" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 9:34 AM
Subject: ICANN

I have no problem with the United States Department of Commerce retaining control of the 'helm' of the Internet. The risk of any country severely restricting the basic freedom of speech by determining how the Internet is to be used is too great for the US to just assume a spectator role. The current system, however, is too prone to partisan efforts in the US government and special interest groups' agendas. For ICANN to be successful, no agenda, country, or lobbying group should receive special treatment over another. The most recent example of ICANN's failure in this basic principle is the .XXX domain debacle. This relatively simple issue demonstrated to the world how the agendas of specific organizations and the current administration prevailed over the voices of network administrators who truly would benefit from the restrictions provided by the .XXX domain. ICANN's submission to an agenda supported by only a minority of people around the world reveals the current system's incompetence with respect to solving issues affecting the Internet today.

If ICANN were a public corporation held responsible for its actions by its shareholders, the board would be dismissed in its entirety for failure to perform is due responsibilities of controlling and promoting an environment dedicated to information sharing. An effort to make ICANN more independent from government and special interest group opinions and more responsible to the users of the Internet will only promote information sharing and cooperation between countries and cultures.


Jason Schwier