From: "John Chronister" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 10:49 AM
Subject: DOC Comments

To Whom It May Concern,

I have included my DOC Comments in a plain text file created with notepad.

Thanks for your time.

Most Sincerely,

Jon Chronister

Monday 03JUL2006

To Whom It May Concern,

There are many things to consider with each and every decision that we make. These considerations only amplify with the amount of individuals effected by the decision. As a parent, every decision that I make, is weighed heavily with thoughts of the effects it might have on my son.

In deciding the future of the internet, we have a great magnitude of those effected by this decision. So, I will dispense my thoughts in a semi-organized, non-formal fashion as follows:

I. I think that it is important to separate those who govern the internet from the profits to be made from it. This will prevent those governing the internet from manipulations fore mere monetary gain.

II. I think that it is important to ensure that freedom of information and exchange of thoughts and ideas as well as communication remain. I believe that it should be preserved and that legislation should be written protecting it.

III. I think that IPv6 should be a high priority and that migration to it should have already begun. This will eliminate the IP shortage, and increase security, and privacy, etc.

IV. I think that thoughts should focus on a new methodology for the root domains and how they will be handled. No suggestions, but there has to be something that can be done with this.

Anything else would just be a bonus. I think that covers the most important issues.

Thank you for your time.

Most Sincerely,

John T. Chronister
UNIX IT Specialist For IBM