To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 11:03 AM
Subject: Use Trademarks exclusively for Domain Names

Dear Reader,

The internet should be regulated by the same body as Trademarks in each country. A PCT already exist between countries and therefore the same agencies can manage this. If a person or business wants a domain he/she should register a TM. So drop the .com .net
names and only create country specific names like .us .eu .jp .za. You can then take it further that if a specific person has a TM in the US in class 9 he will have the exclusive
right to

If a person hits the domain should show him all the listings (TM classes) and the user can choose one. If a company owns all classes in the country for his name it can default to his website straight away.

Therefore let the Intellectual Property agencies like USPTO run the USs domain and each other country's PTO their own with the PTO (Patent Cooperation Treaty) managing cross country domains.

Just an idea,

Anton Swanevelder
South Africa