From: Ken Jenkins <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 11:18 AM
Subject: Comment on Internet Policy

Dear Sirs,

I am an average American. I live in Bowling Green, Ohio. I am married have 3
children and work as a Technical Director for a security printing company. I
try as best I can to keep up with what is happening regarding internet
legislation and policy making.

The decisions which are made regarding internet access and regulation are,
in my opinion, vital to the continued economic success of our nation. My
biggest fear is that those decisions will be made to benefit large
corporations at the expense of the average internet user like myself. I have
no "clout", I have no influence except my 1 vote which I faithfully exercise
when the opportunity arises. I often wonder who is looking after my
interests in these matters and when I read accounts like this

of Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) explanation of why he voted against "net
neutrality" I have little hope that those persons charged with making
decisions on my behalf even understand what the issues are and what is at

Basically my input is "leave it alone". It is working well, don't regulate,
censor it, throttle it, meter it, attempt to control it --- "leave it
alone". Hold the telco's accountable for all the money they pocketed which
should have gone to improving the data infrastructure of this country (i.e.
Fiber ... Not more copper) do what can be done at the government level to
get ready for IPv6 and other than that "leave it alone".


Ken Jenkins
1012 Partridge Lane
Bowling Green, OH 43402