From: "Douglas Muth" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 11:41 AM
Subject: Comments about ICANN

Dear sir/madam,

My name is Douglas Muth, and I am writing to you to comment on the
fate of ICANN.

I have serious issues with this organization and their ability to make
themselves accessable to the public, or the lack thereof.

For example, I joined ICANN as an "at large" member some years ago.
This was presumably to allow me to have some say in how ICANN was run.
This turned out not to be the case, as the number of official
communications I have received from ICANN since then has been
precisely ZERO.

Also, I feel I should point out that after Karl Auerbach was elected
to the ICANN Board, they tried to block him from attending Board
meetings. After Karl successfully sued them, they retaliated by
changing their own rules to no longer allow public seats on the board.
This is a very strong blow to the culture of "openness" that we have
on the Internet. You can read more about this story at:

Thanks for your time.


Douglas T. Muth * Philadelphia, PA, USA