From: Kenneth Møller <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 11:58 AM
Subject: Suggestions for the future

I read at a norwegian webpage that I could email you with suggestions for the future, concering the internet.

Even though I doubt someone will actually read this, I'll forward my personal thoughts anyhow. (theese are not just thoughts around the NET but also the content)

First off, the negative/positive sides about how it is today: negative: spam, piracy, illegal porn and such positive: a great resource for information and entertainment.

the net as it is today is leaking.. if you set up a honeypot and montior it, it doesn't take more than a few weeks before you have 2-300 daily attacks on it from other computers, trying to hack it, and the concerning part is that 99% of theese attacks are from programs/bots, from other infected computers. and this ALONE is creating huge ammounts of traffic on the net. I have no solution to this problem, but i have an idea. What if all ISP's were to install a monitoring-program in every router/modem/hardware they sell..
whereof that program simply checked for similar patterns (like ping-attacks, or login-attepts at certain ports and so on) and reported back to the ISP if theese similarities found place? the ISP's would in great lenght be better off helping their customers (for example by banning the IP's sending the traffic for a short timelimit), and it would in time reduce the problem.

next off: piracy
it's here, it will always be here, and it will be more and more accepted
by the worlds population. so why not "help" piracy? instead of spending
billions of dollars trying to stop it, spend millions on backbones and
servers, providing people with what they want.

If I could choose between
a) searching the net for a movie, then spend 2-3hours downloading a packed
file with possible virus attached to it, then unpack it, burn it and THEN
watch it (for free)
b) log on to a dedicated server to stream the movie without lagging for a
CHEAP price (say a pay-card that costs 50$ that gives 10 credits where old
movies cost 1 credit and new movies costs 2 credits)

then there's no thought about what I'd choose.
most of today's downloaded music and movies (except the brand new ones) is
simply because you can't find it elsewhere.
try entering a video-store looking for a classic like 'the shining'.. they
don't have it.. or maybe on VCR.

but having a huge server-farm and a great backbone to it, would not only
ease today's infrastructure, but it would be a money-making machine.

third: illegal porn (and other illegal stuff)
this is where the hard-part come in. if I hit you and steal your wallet, I
might get 1-2years for violence and theft... but if I rape you I might get
2-3months since "we were on a party and you were drunk".

this subject is hard enough to deal with in real life, but on the internet?
heck, if I had full control, I'd permban ANY person having any form of
childpornography or similar on their computer, then log the person with
full name and send it to all major ISP's so he/she couldn't get internet
from them either.

even today spam is out of control.. but 10 years from now? geez... you'll
be lucky if your IP-phone doesn't ring every 15-minutes with calls from
auto-diallers offering you stuff.

why not simply ban it completely?
if someone inside a company forwards 100 identical mails to his
co-workers? fine.. let him do that on a different subnet.
but if someone forwards 100 identical mails elsewhere? give him/her a
warning, and then do as above.. ban the person if he/she doesn't listen;
or have a sort of special right to do so.

and who is to be in charge of banning people/companies and such?
make an international internet comitee that has the authority to gather
personal information from ISP's. a sort of "Internet Police"
not there for the movie buisniess.. not there for the music industry.. but
simply for 'the common sense'

oh well.. enough ranting..
just my thoughts