From: Benj FitzPatrick <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 12:10 PM
Subject: my vote goes for network neutrality

I want network neutrality, plain and simple. The bandwidth
problem surely isn't a simple one, but I don't think making a
tiered internet is a good solution. I believe this because a
large majority of the bandwidth is being consumed by spam (I
believe I've read several articles on this where it is 30% or
more), so a tiered internet wouldn't do anything to help
reduce this problem. Most of the country has fiber pipes
which have more than enough bandwidth; now all that is needed
is to put fiber in the "last mile" so that it runs to
everybody's homes.

Another way I have viewed it is who I would rather have be in
charge, the government or the businesses. From my experiences
with Qwest and SBC/AT&T DSL I would rather have the government
be in charge. Once the telco's have control there is really
nothing that can be done (class actions make lawyers rich (see
the netflix one as an example), and that's about it). On the
other hand, if the govenment has control at least there will
be some method for altering it at a later date.