From: "Chiesa, Brendan" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 1:13 PM
Subject: Internet Today

I saw an article saying that you are taking comments on the public's
opinion of how the internet should be run. I like how the internet is
run today and would like to see very little changes.

I was on of the people who dislike the President's use of power to stop
the .XXX domain from being used. I would like an adult location just to
limit the adult industry's use of the .com domain. The .com domain is
the best know so I think it should be more limited in future use. Let
porn start using the many other domains like .US. Even thought I support
limiting the porn industry's use of the .com domain, in no way do I
believe the should be forced onto another domain.

Another issue I should not like to see happen to the internet is the
"AT&T Plan." I pay for my internet connection and Google pays for their
own. In no way is it logical the either of us should have to pay usage
fees to connect to the other. I pay Comcast a flat fee (because this is
what they choose to charge me) promising the fast possible connection
with a maximum upload and download speed. Google pays the service
provider the save way. The price I pay for my download speed is the
usage fee to allow Google on to Comcast's network. Why AT&T, Verizon, or
who ever thinks Google is not pay for the bandwidth to send me a file is
absurd? I'm paying for it already.

They are looking to double charge people and it's wrong. Having been
using the internet since the late 1980, I remember the tiered internet.
It was $9.99 a month and $1.99 per hour after 5 hours. They are the ones
that choose unlimited internet access for a flat rate. If they are not
making money (and I think they are), than they should move away from
flat price. But they won't because consumer won't stand for it.

So after 20 years of making money of a government internet they are
cried, "The guy of the other end is stealing from me." It's wrong!

The make money every which way generating huge profits but some how they
are being robbed blind.

The US government and every state in this great union have given them
tax breaks and free government money and all we to show for it is one of
the slowest internet speeds for an industrial nation. As the country
that invented the internet and pretty much controls it, this is the true
crime of the internet in this country today. So country will have 100MB
internet speeds before the average speed for a US citizen is 1 MB. That
should not be.

The average citizen will need (and should have) internet connection of
at least 10 MB in the next 3 years and at least 100MB in the next ten.

Thank You,

Brendan Chiesa,

Woodbury, NJ