From: "james holloway" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 2:11 PM
Subject: Internet

Thanks for the opportunity to express my thoughts on the internet's future.
I hope that the ideas presented will be considered seriously.

I believe the internet should be treated and operated like a Public utility
such as the electric, Water or Gas company. I oppose any Large corporate
control of the internet such as the control that the large Telecom companies
would like to impose by getting Laws that prevent Network Neutrality to be
passed into law.

The internet should be a freely provided, unregulated, and open to all
without restriction. Our Taxes Paid for the original Darpa Project that
became the internet, So the internet has already been paid for. I see no
reason for Corporations to claim they are entitled to any special priviledge
over the average comsumer.

Currently the United States is far behind in providing Broadband to all it's
population. I think the first priority should be to provide free wireless
broadband internet to everyone. Our country is quickly losing the edge
technologically to the countries that we have ported our jobs and
educational resources to.

We must regain the technological superiority or I fear we will ultimately
fail as a nation. Implementing the ideas I have proposed would be a larg
step forward in meeting this goal.

Thank you,