From: "Gary Fisher" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 2:32 PM
Subject: Comment regarding ICANN Renewal

Dear NTIA,

As the internet has developed ever greater significance in commerce, its
underlying nature as a communications medium has seemingly been overlooked.
Business, education and individual users see the many and varied uses to
which this medium can be put, but seldom see past the applications to the
underlying structure. Yet it is that underlying structure which must be
managed to prevent or minimize interference between the internet's many

As wireless internet distribution proliferates, ever greater cooperation
between those who regulate the internet and those who regulate radio
frequencies will be necessary. Many of the issues facing each of these
conceptual bodies, from the allocation of radio bands and top-level domains
to the arbitration of licensing and ownership disputes, are in fact very
similar and often virtually identical.

National and international radio regulatory bodies such as the Federal
Communications Commission and its equivalents around the world have a long
history of, and an established infrastructure for, the negotiation of
equitable and technologically sound procedures for wireless communications.
They have long worked with many levels of government, with education,
business, the non-profit community and individuals and have demonstrated
competence and earned respect in these dealings.

It would therefore seem reasonable and prudent to assign supervisory control
of ICANN to the FCC and its international equivalents.


Gary Fisher
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA