From: Andrew David <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 4:16 PM
Subject: Transition

ICANN has for years had a strangle hold on the way the Internet and DNS
records are maintained. Instead of being an open International
Consortium of interested parties they have for years quashed valid and
useful domain names. In order to fix this there should be a truely
international organization in charge of running how domain names are
given out. This organization should elect board members (by majority
votes) just like any other non-profit organization elects its officials
(e.g., ACM). One caveat; Anyone and everyone must be able to join and
vote in this organization. Given some level of trust with regards to
controlling multiple logins from the same person/s. The Internet is
something which is endowed to the entire world and as such the entire
world should have a hand in how it is run, this is only fair and is the
only way to prevent other organizations like ICANN from springing up and
strangling innovation in the future.

I only wish we had been given this chance with regards to the recent
governance of how bandwidth is to be allocated and priced with premium,
or non-premium speeds/rates. This too will also begin to erode the
usefulness of the Internet.

Andrew David
Systems Engineer
University of Minnesota | Twin Cities Campus