From: Zuzana Srostlik <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 4:17 PM
Subject: the web

Hello All;

The internet should be left as a free-evolving network, as it was
first designed at CERN. People are free to communicate with each
other over long distances, thus making a global, democratic village.
There is no reason to encumber it in any way and make it less of a
free society than it is because, well, don't fix what's not broken.
News travels at the speed of light from every corner of civilization
who possess a connection, from homeless people on the streets of
California, all the way to Bill Gates. Without this free exchange of
ideas, technology would not have made the leaps and bounds that it
has in the past couple of decades, in which humanity has accomplished
amazing feats of intelligence.

Let it all just be, and you can sit back and watch and handle things
passively. If someone tries to control it, there will be outcries
(like Yahoo censorship in China) against the change and blackwebs
will pop up to the extent the few piracy sites now could never
imagine, as well as the job of constantly monitoring everything
(because the web is alive and buzzing every second of every day) and
getting no new information out of it that you wouldn't get out of it
right now. No one country or entity speaking of it's own opinion
rather than everybody's should own the internet because it's owned by
everyone who contributes to it, like a co-op. Everybody who buys a
line to connect to it now has the power to put whatever, whenever,
and that's the web's virtue: everybody can. Without that, it's just
another Pravda.