From: "John D. Berry" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 4:17 PM
Subject: RE: Comments on Internet

As a Library and Information professional who has been involved w/
computer and information resources for over a decade I strongly encourage
you there to approach this topic with some traditional wisdom. "If it is
not broken, don't attempt to fix it."
The way the internet/world wide web is run is currently just
fine. Do NOT cave in to special interest groups who wish to extract undue profits
from the Internet/WWW by reorganizing the way it is structured or currently run.
You would do well to ensure that ICANN remains in place, as
structured, with NO changes on your part.

Less regulation is better government! No single government has
the right to modify the internet, the internet spans all physical,
cultural, and verbal boundaries.
It should remain UNTOUCHED by any Internet Service Provider or Government.
Yours, John D. Berry, MLIS, MA

"Worried about our future? Do not fear. Look into the eyes of our children."

John D. Berry, MLIS, MA, NAS/CES Librarian, UC Berkeley
American Indian Library Association - Listserv Manager
American Library Association - Councilor at Large, 2001-2004