From: Assaf Rahav <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 6:53 PM
Subject: What is wrong with the in ternet in the USA

The Telco’s have stole the citizen's money, 200 billion of it:
It is time the US made them stand up to the promises they made when
asking for that money.

However, these Telco’s are now asking for a license to STEAL even more
money by double charging for bandwidth.
This is naturally about "Net Neutrality". The claim that content
providers are stealing their bandwidth is preposterous, how can that be
stealing when these providers already pay for hosting and bandwidth?

Every byte of bandwidth going over a Telco’s line is either originating
from one of it’s customers or destined to one of it’s customers.

If Google has a thousand gigabytes of bandwidth going over Comcast’s
lines this is not as Comcast would have you believe that Google has
stolen this bandwidth, this bandwidth is satisfying the search requests
of Comcast’s own customers.

Comcast is letting this bandwidth through not as a favor to Google but
as a service, one which it’s home broadband customers are already paying
(in fact, over paying) for.

Trying to charge content providers for bandwidth requested by your own
customers is no different than the phone company charging Pizza Hut to
connect it’s incoming phone calls since it is making money by using the
phone system.

This is not to say the phone company does not have the right to charge
Pizza Hut for having a phone line, it is to say that they have no right
to charge Pizza Hut a different price than Domino’s Pizza, or to block
Pizza Hut’s incoming calls because Domino’s Pizza has paid for an
exclusive contract.
The phone company has no right to block a citizen’s phone call, and in
the same sense a Telco can not block a citizen’s internet browsing (as
long as there is no illegal activity taking place).

The content providers are not forcing their bandwidth over anyone’s
network, the requests for this bandwidth is from that network
Net neutrality does not call for free bandwidth, but for that price to
be neutral.

As for the 200 billion the Telco’s have stolen from the tax payers, I
suggest a 180 day ultimatum to fulfill the promise or pay back in full.
Failure to satisfy one of these conditions should result in seizure of
all company property al auctioning the infrastructure to a company that
can fulfill this promise.

An even more radical solution would be to make the network
infrastructure a federal service available to any tax payer at no extra
This would require the disband of all Telco’s (not a bad idea).

Assaf Rahav
Terranet Inc
10210 Greenbelt Road
Greenbelt, MD, 20706