From: "Tim Harper" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 9:37 PM
Subject: Keep the government small

I believe it will do little to improve the world's problems to lock down the
internet, and will do more harm to the free spirit that makes our country so
great. What we really need is increased education of our people - people to
turn their brains on.

The neutral internet has done so much good and has connected good people
together in ways that have never been possibly before. Every day my life is
blessed because of the freedom I enjoy on the internet. It is in my
self-interest, and along with everyone else's self-interest who value
freedom, to keep open.

From my perspective, I can only see it in the hearts of evil men who would
have the interest in controlling the internet with the purpose to get gain
or to manipulate the mind and will of the people. Anyway I look at it,
coersion and force is the only principle I see behind this motive. Coersion
and force is only good to maintain people's freedom. Used any other way it
will destroy the prosperity of the people.

In God We Still Trust