From: "Wesley Weissenberger" <>
To: <>
Date: Tue, Jul 4, 2006 2:01 AM
Subject: Running the net

The Internet has been running fine since the first domain was registered in
1985, over 20 years ago. Its has grown and expanded. Its open design and
frame work has allowed unprecedented leaps in Science and Medicine. The
Internet is mankind's greatest achievement, allowing people to add to it and
change it. Please, leave this powerful tool alone. Its done fine for 20
and has evolved into something that almost no one thought it would be. Why?
Because it was allowed to evolve on its own. Trying to Restrict this
evolution would be foolish seeing all the good that it has done so far. The
Internet is how America was designed to be. Where every user has the same
right to voice their opinion and leave their mark on the system as they deem
necessary and it has worked. This is not Animal House. All IP's are
created equal. However with restrictions favoring big business we will
become like the end of the book. Where all IP's are equal. But some are
more equal then others. So please don't change a thing. Its foolhardy and

-Thank you for your time.