From: "Jason Kruser" <>
To: <>
Date: Tue, Jul 4, 2006 3:48 AM
Subject: how internet show be ran more porn embedded into webpages. No site under any circumstance may
throw a virus infected ad at you. no site may download Viruses or other
malware of any kind without your permission. Child Porn should be removed
from the net ASAP. any company that makes or produces a Internet Browser
must have a Phising Philter and needs to be updated from a government site
or the Producer/Companies Site. No Site under any circumstance should put
anything on there site that could possibly compromise your system. No file
sharing from kazaa, grokster, eMule, edonkey, morpheus, limewire, and
Lemonwire. Remove all Virus creation tools, Piracy sites, and porn/child
pron sites. The motion picture association and the music industry must
arrest the user sharing the illegal content not the downloader, i have read
multiple cases that the Motion picture association have arrested people
downloading movies..why don't they catch the uploader. catch those guys
first! no companie shall ever monitor your computer activities or view your
browsing history. IRC cannot be used to take control of your computer with
commands. movies, music, innopropriete pictures may not be transmitted on
the internet unless the owner or creater of the content says it can be
shared. sense pixar made the incredibles an uploader may need to ask pixar
to upload the movie. if they agree the movie can be uploaded and shared.
thank you for reading my recommendations for how the internet should be ran