From: Lee McDermott <>
To: <>
Date: Tue, Jul 4, 2006 1:01 PM
Subject: My thoughts

The Internet as it stands is a wonderful place. I am a web applications
developer and am currently working with several products involved with
the ongoing Web 2.0 boom. I have been reading the recent arguments on
"Net Neutrality" which I think is complete garbage. The Internet should
remain a free, open place where anybody can talk about and do whatever
they like. It HAS to remain neutral... for the millions of little guys
(like myself). If the Internet ever lost its neutrality I would (and I'm
sure many, many, many others would too) cancel all Internet
subscriptions with any ISP's supporting such BS. I'm even happy to live
without the Internet if such laws came into effect.

One thing that could be improved with the "current Internet" is to force
companies like Microsoft to make their browser software 100% standards
compliant (e.g. CSS, HTML, XHTML, RSS etc). The lack of support for
these standards is slowing down development on the Internet IMMENSELY.

I have loads more thoughts but of had a hard day so I'll keep it there.