From: "Ruben Demey" <>
To: <>
Date: Tue, Jul 4, 2006 1:17 PM
Subject: My thought of the internet

I think the internet is already perfect. Surely it's not safe for the more
"unexperienced" users, but it's like driving a bicycle.. Requires a lot of
practice. And yes, there's a lot of porn on the internet, and minors can
access it all the time, even with filters, but no one can change that, no
one can create a filter to block all porn, it's impossible. People will have
to live with it.

And virusses.. Well, when you go to a bank, there's always the chance of a
bankrobber being present and putting a gun to your head. Just the same with
virusses. The people who write them commit a crime, and should be arrested
and put to justice, but that's all you can do. People will always find ways
to create and distribute them.

But internet should not be controlled by one government, as internet is a
global communication and information "place". Globalize it, let other
trusted governments use information provided by the US Government at all
times, but under rules, which the US government comply to as well. This
globalization can provide THE advantage of putting foreign criminals to
justice, which America is now very limited to. Piracy, child porn, etc can
be dealt with more swiftly and a lot faster.

Also, some domains such as .gov or .edu should be available to other
countries as well, but with strict regulation and under strict conditions.
This way, the public can recognize official government websites or
universities a lot easier.

The internet itself should stay just the way it is. But perhaps giving IPv6
a push would benefit us all, since the world needs more IPs, and the switch
to IPv4 to IPv6 has to be done, sooner or later. It's just a matter of time.
The only thing that should change, is the people who control it. No
disrepect to the US Government, but it's wrong that only one government of
one country can do it's say about the internet. Please, globalize it!

Ruben Demey

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