From: "Edwards, Duncan (OMAFRA)" <>
To: <>
Date: Tue, Jul 4, 2006 3:47 PM
Subject: Internet management

The Internet should be a totally open network, devoid of censorship and
other "blanket" government influence. Virus and phishing blocking,
spam-filtering and other security and privacy issues should be handled
by the end user directly.

The goal of the Internet should be to promote and facilitate information
sharing of all kinds. As such, there should be no restrictions placed on
the nature of information that can be freely distributed online. Efforts
to combat "piracy" should be competitive and positive, rather than
falling back on heavy-handed litigation.

In the extreme case that a user's conduct online should violate federal
law by placing a person's health at risk, the user should be held
entirely responsible for his own actions online. HOWEVER, the collection
of information or evidence in connection with such crimes must be
accomplished through traditional means -- including warrants. This means
NO illegal domestic espionage.

I feel that many governments today have failed to grasp the impact of
the social internet. The Internet transcends the tribal, divided
nationalities that have arisen as a result of thousands of years of
isolation (a lack of information sharing). I believe the best thing that
governments can do for the Internet is to not get involved.

Free speech, freedom of information, democracy...

Duncan Edwards