From: "David" <>
To: <>
Date: Tue, Jul 4, 2006 7:08 PM
Subject: The Net should be completely Neutral.


My suggestion is this:

Make the Internet completely neutral, removed from political ties of the US.
A neutral organisation should oversee the internet, one not bound by a
single countries laws and jurisdictions, The W3C chairman Tim berners-lee
should be given the head chair of this new organisation and 2
representatives from each country in the G8 should be elected by popular
vote of the country representing, utilizing a vote system whereby a motion
is proposed, voted on (and if 6 representatives disagree on the motion it
can be vetoed) and passed or dismissed depending on majority vote and votoe.

These representatives would meet every month (not every year since the
internet is a very fast moving space) and discuss the issues at hand, make
proposals (which would require a secondary assistive motion from another
countries representatives) and look at the current internet landscape and
decide what to do best. Issues of copyrights of a virtual space, new
domains, net neutrality, censorship, Digital Rights Management and how it
affects consumers and bandwidth problems from the P2P systems being
developed round the world. Additionally the discussions within the meetings
for this new organisation (which I would call GINO or Global Internet
Neutral Organisation) would be made public on GINO's website with completely
logs posted so the internet populous can see.

This is merely my suggestion, but I believe it could definitely work.

Best Regards,

David Ward