From: Steven Halkett <>
To: <>
Date: Tue, Jul 4, 2006 8:37 PM
Subject: Future of the internet

The internet today is not just a tool for communication, it represents
the future of communication. Regardless of who invented the internet, it
has grown to be so much more than for what it was originally conceived.
ICANN so far has done a great job.

However, in todays world of instant communication and with the increase
in online services, such as on-demand television, Voip, and and even
file sharing. It would be insane for any one body or government to
control the internet, this would surely slow the growth of such services
and hold back the average user.

ICANN was set up to regulate the technical side of the internet, and
there should be a regulated body that controls these aspecs of the
internet. But allowing them to also set policy as well would seem like
allowing ICANN or similar body a dictatorship over the internet.

The internet should be decentralised so that no one party has control
other than in their own region. With an elected body representing all
interested parties giving each a voice and say in any and all decisions
with regard to policy and regulation.