From: Sean Crall <>
To: <>
Date: Tue, Jul 4, 2006 11:38 PM
Subject: Net Neutrality

To whom it may concern,

I am writing because I have heard that you are hearing comments on
how the internet should be run. I believe net neutrality is in
everyones best interest.
It gives people the ability to show creativity and express themselves
without being discriminated against. If it were up to the corporation
people would be discriminated against if it were not in the interest
of the corporation. Also, if it were against the corporation it would
be completely blocked. This is against the first amendment, and would
be against the Sherman-Antitrust Act because the internet would turn
into a monopoly. How would you like it if people were to say you
couldn't go to your favorite site because its view conflict with the
views of a company. Nothing would exist because of the stress of
political correctness these days. Everything would be boring and
people would be very mad.

I was listening to a political figure talking about the internet
today. From what I could gather he was against net neutrality (he was
stuttering quite a bit), but he has no idea how the internet works.
He talked about it being tubes and if those tubes are full then
everyones connection is slowed down. That is not the case. If
everyone was on the same server it would be, but I don't think the
future of the internet should be decided by people who have
absolutely no idea what it is or how it is run. These people have to
be informed before they can make such an important decision such as
this. He also talked about the internet being only for information.
From what I can gather he wants the internet to be email only. I'm
sure thats just fine for some, but I like to have the ability to open
up to The Who's (a band) site and watch a free concert every now and

The internet is prospering the way it is right now. Leave it this
way. Keep the internet neutral. Keep the internet constitutional.
Keep the internet free.

Jon C.