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Date: Wed, Jul 5, 2006 12:32 AM
Subject: How the Internet should be run...

There needs to be a balance between freedom and law and order. Currently
both freedom and law and order are being attacked on the Internet.

First on law and order. Pornography is a plague that has gone rampant
and is now so freely available that a great percentage of the population
that use the Internet admit to having pornography addictions or to
viewing pornography on a regular or semi-regular basis. Pornography
should not be free nor should it be easily accessible to people who are
not interested or not old enough to view it. It is well documented that
pornography has direct ties to many forms of abusive if not criminal
behavior. The research done on serial killers, for example, draws lines
back to pornography additions in childhood as a starting place for their
demoralization. It has also been shown that pornography builds up false
expectations in the viewers mind of what their sexual partner should
look like and what their sexual partners should be willing to do for
them, and that this can lead to partner and/or child abuse.

Many other vices that are both addictive and damaging are found on the
Internet both freely and easily accessible to casual Internet browser.
One such example is gambling websites which give away free trials to
their service. This should be shut down. This would be akin to drug
dealers giving away free samples of drugs to get people hooked so that
they could then proceed to sell them more of their drugs. It is well
known that gambling is both highly addictive and destructive and should
not be foisted on the casual Internet browser or non-adults using the

As an IT professional I can tell you that while it is possible to
filter information that is available on the Internet on a workstation by
workstation basis, it is the responsibility of the government to
maintain law and order in the nation. Household users are often
inexperienced at protecting their children from the threats of the
Internet and asking them to do something the vast majority of citizens
are ill-equipped to do is simply unreasonable. The average citizen has
neither the time, nor the finances, nor the expertise to properly
protect themselves nor the people they are responsible for, from
ever-increasing and more insidious attacks. Filtering can be executed
on a national basis by filtering the information at the national borders
of the Internet. Each primary gateway can filter out content such as
snuff films and free pornography currently offered up by companies such
as google, lycos, and others. In an effort to protect innocent people
who are not wanting to or who are not old enough to view such materials
(in other words non-adults), the government needs to step up to the
plate and preemptively protect the innocent.

Don't let anyone tell you that it is impossible to protect the Internet
from such materials. If it is possible to win a physical war on a
nation it is also possible to protect against the dissemination of
harmful materials through the digital channels of the Internet
especially when the technology is where it is at today.

Freedom of speech - Freedom of speech should be protected to reasonable
limits. The innocent young of our nation need to be protected from
willful attacks against their being or their innocence. Promotion of
acts such as pedophilia, child pornography, child prostitution or any
such vile act should be vigilantly snuffed out.


Jim Blake
(403) 703-4537 or
(877) 739-2646