From: "Cor Draijer" <>
To: <>
Date: Wed, Jul 5, 2006 8:06 AM
Subject: my comments

Hello and good day to you,

first of all I will mention the netcolony's which can be found on
Because of less flexibillity and not the will to serve the public, this could be created.
It means that there is a grey area on the internet and not everybody can access this.
This should be changed and it must be made available for the public.

Furthermore a domain-extension, ending at BV. It belongs to the Bouvet
islands which belongs to Norway.
As we can read on the internet, it will not be available. But in Holland,
for example, we could use this extension very well because a BV means a
Besloten Vennootschap, a company.

Clever people are selling domainnames ending on DJ, TK, TV, TO, AM and FM
for other purposes then it was originaly mentioned.
When I asked for permission to trade in domainnames ending on BV, I got a
negative answer because the extension 'will never be used'. Well, if not,
don't create it then!

This is on the website

.bv and .sj domains are not in useThe current policy for the .bv and .sj
top-level domains is that no domains are registered under these TLDs. Bouvet
Island and Jan Mayen are Norwegian territories and Svalbard is administered
by Norway according to the Svalbard Treaty. The current thinking is that
applicants can use .no. The TLDs .bv and .sj will be reserved for future

As for allowing other entities to buy the TLDs, the Norwegian authorities do
not wish to commercialize our domain resources. This would be in direct
contradiction with the policy we lead in this field and there has never been
an item even to consider disposing of the ccTLDs .bv and .sj.

If Norway at a later stage should change the current policy, the authorities
will undertake a careful evaluation and a consequence analysis of the matter
before deciding what to do.

This is fully in agreement with the Norwegian official policy and with the
views of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, superior to the
Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority.


So, what if we go in space? Can a clever guy (and I hope it's me) ask for a
domainname for the Moon, for Mars, Jupter or even for Satellite's or
space-stations? Can I be the one who is selling these domainnames because I
can raise a DNS-server for registering these names? I prefer the to have
domains with the extensions 'moon', 'mars', 'space', etc. etc.
I hope it can be and that it will be me who can be the registrar of these
It sound maybe rediculous but there is allready someone who is selling land
on the Moon and Mars, so it is not so crazy as it sounds...

Anyway, I think that there must be a board who will look into the fact that
if a domainname is registered, that there will come a website on it and not
a page that the domainname can be rengted, hired or is for sale.
Register a domainname, make a website on it and not a website from a
financial company on a domainname which has nothing to do with it. Create
also a board which can give a penalty to a company which is sending out
spamruns, take off there domainname if they don't listen. Spam is a big
problem. I live in Holland and I receive over 100 spammails every day and
about 10% I even cannot read because it is in the Russian language. Make a
point of this that this problem belongs to some organisation.

Anyway, I hope that I could bring in some wise notes.


Cor Draijer
Dr. J.G. Mezgerstraat 42
2041 HC Zandvoort

Member of the foundation Mullevoorde