From: "Mitch Miller" <>
To: <>
Date: Wed, Jul 5, 2006 10:51 AM
Subject: Internet

Who should run the internet? The same people that should be running the
government! That's right, I mean the PEOPLE! All of the US citizens and the
citizens of other countries should be running the internet. There should
never be one point of failure for any system. The internet must remain an
anonymous interlink of ideas, questions and information. With all this there
will be "other" things on the internet. But who are we to say what can and
cant be on the internet. The internet shouldn't be "ran" it should mold and
grow on its own. Keep the root servers up and allow DNS propagation from
anyone. Its up to all of us to put the content on the net for others to see.
All ICANN should be is the owner of root servers. Once they are up and
propagating all DNS records ICANNs job is done. Without us ( the internet
users ) there wouldn't be an internet. Well it would be pretty empty without
us. ICANN can still give out the domain names, but when something comes up
to where someone wants to create a .XXX domain, it shouldn't be up to ICANN
or the government to decide if it should or shouldn't do that. If someone
wants it, make it. What we should really be focusing on is getting better
bandwidth to end users. The days of 8 meg connections for $50 is here. It is
time to step it up and get us Fiber to the home. Running at whatever our
hardware can push.

Mitch Miller

Network & Systems Administrator

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