From: "Aaron Yourk" <>
To: <>
Date: Wed, Jul 5, 2006 11:32 AM
Subject: TEXT: Internet security issues.

It would be nice to have some agency or branch of agency handle some form of
security issues to maintain "universal connectivity on the internet" for
which there is no other remedy. I've had tons of hacking attempts on my
personal home systems from many non-US country systems for which I cannot
find a decent way to remedy. I've worked with many US system companies and
have usually received a decent response to my internet "breaking and
entering" attempts. I realize that firewalls are always recommended, but
enough is enough. There has to be some way to reduce/eliminate/regluate
these broad internet hacking attempts.

I also feel that ICANN should be kind of an "Internet United Nations" of sorts.
If you are going to transition away from ICANN, you will still need some
form of overseeing body which can make some form of authority decisions when
no other solution can be devised.

Response to question #6: Technology tools do exist to automate DNS request
processing, but they would have to be developed (and developed with security
in mind). PHP and Java are 2 such decent web based platforms to complete
this task. and both make use of technology tools
well, in my opinion in relation to this quesiton.

Response to #7: Someone needs to be held accountable for internet security
issues. As I see how it stands now, one needs to contact individual owners
of IP blocks to get some sort of remedy to security issues/hacking/cracking,
but what if they have an attitude of "I won't do anything"? There is no
remedy currently available (that I see) to this type of situation. If there
could be more collaboration and enhanced cooperation, then maybe these
security issues won't be as much of an issue.