From: "Scott Forbes" <>
To: <>
Date: Wed, Jul 5, 2006 7:38 PM
Subject: World Wide Internet


All countries have different standards of internet capabilities from the
developed U.S and Europe to the less developed Afghanistan and Bangladesh.
It would be hard to fit all countries with a 'top of the benchmark' internet
standard so that all people around the world could access it at super fast
speeds. For example, fitting all countries with fibre optics would mean
tearing up the ground and creating a complex network. This could take a long
time and would be a costly exercise.

What is sometimes the conversation in the typical group of youth is;
'Imagine if I could download a movie instantly.' Yes, it would be great to
have instant results when searching the web or downloading/uploading large
files but then a lot of people take what they have for grunted, forgetting
about the people who have not used the internet or a computer their whole
life. Not all countries have fast internet. If it is the first mission to
bring the gap between poor and excellent standards together, then it would
be appropriate to work things like speed and stability throughout the world.

With all countries linked together via various standards such as copper,
fibre optic, radio or satellite, there would be much more information around
and a lot more users. The data would be available in all languages for all
people. The world wide network would have a greater capacity. Also the
people who did not access it previously would thus have a greater variety of