From: <>
To: <>
Date: Thu, Jul 6, 2006 6:26 AM
Subject: Comments on DNS Transition, Docket No. 060519136-6136-01

To the U.S. Department of Commerce:

If the US controls the administration of the internet, then it will be
very unfair especially to other countries like in the developing world who
are currently tring to embrace an information economy. The internet should
be administered by a conglomeration of different countries both developed
and developing like how the UN operates. I have just finished my Mphil
course in information science and will be ready to be co-opted in
designing an acceptable criteria of managing and controlling internet in
the world. It is ridiculous for one country to want to control a global
network which should be open and affordable to all and sentry.

Respectfully submitted,

kenneth chelimo
slums information development and resource centres