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Date: Fri, Jul 7, 2006 9:39 AM
Subject: Nigerian Stakeholders' Draft Statement on Internet Governance

*Nigerian Stakeholders' Draft Statement on Internet Governance*

The Internet is - and should remain - a freedom square, where present and
future stakeholders will – and should be free within their respective limits
– create, utilize and positively transform information. The entire Internet
Governance discussions should be about people and development, considering
the fact that the Internet has become central to our lives – giving
opportunities to the underserved and providing bridges across the obvious
divides around us.

We recognize and applaud the role of the United States Government in its
contribution towards the present value of the Internet – as we know it
today. However, the Internet has acquired global relevance that goes beyond
the present framework it enjoys. The Internet, and especially, its
Governance, therefore needs to engage all stakeholders in a
multi-stakeholder framework with a mandate that is best derived from the
United Nations. We also applaud the efforts of all stakeholders of the
concluded World Summit on the Information Society while particularly
expressing delight at the establishment of the Internet Governance Forum as
an opportunity for dialogue towards development and equity.

As major stakeholders in the Internet Governance space, and citizens of a
member nation of the United Nations, we recognize the obvious role that
outcomes of various Internet Governance discussions (including, but not
limited to the reviewing DoC/ICANN agreement, and the Internet Governance
Forum) would play in possible major decisions that may be made in respect of
Internet Governance. Hence, we kindly request that all stakeholders stay
connected to the focal points of people and development while discussing the
legal, technical and other frameworks of the entire Internet Governance

Above these policy frameworks and discussions, a strong engagement of all
stakeholders towards addressing and solving today's issues while
anticipating emerging and future challenges is necessary. Notable among
these are the continual provision of affordable access to the Internet,
convergent technologies, Virtual Workers rights and issues around identity.

We urge all stakeholders, especially state parties of the United Nations'
WSIS process, to engage this process in a spirit of consensus and commitment
to our common humanity; thus, protecting our respective freedom to impart
and recieve information through an unfettered Internet.

*Dated this day, July 06, 2006
**Lagos, Nigeria*

Submitted and endorsed by:

1. Abi Jagun
2. African Information Security Association
3. Bankole Olubamise
6. Development Information Network
7. Digital Peers International
8. Equinox Technologies
9. Fantsuam Foundation
10. 'Gbenga Sesan
11. Global Twins
12. IET Nigeria
13. Knowledge Workers
14. Lagos Digital Village
15. New Age Newspapers
16. Nigerian Anti-Scam Network
17. Nigerian Youth ICT4D Network
18. Nnenna Nwakanma
19. Paradigm Initiative Nigeria
20. SchoolNet Africa
21. Technology Times
22. The Intellectual Group
23. Titilayo Akinsanmi

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