From: Jessica Calvo <>
To: <>
Date: Fri, Jul 7, 2006 6:51 PM
Subject: Comments on DNS Transition, Docket No. 060519136-6136-01

San José, July 7, 2006

Ms. Fiona Alexander
Office of International Affairs
National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

The National Academy of Sciences is the public entity in Costa Rica in
charge of the ccTLD .CR. The institution administrates the domain names
under .CR through its specialized unit NIC-Internet Costa Rica.

Concerning the Notice of Inquiry about DNS Transition, we support the
comments sent by LACTLD last July 6, 2006.

We strongly support the internationalized multi-stakeholder bottom-up
model. And we certainly, do not support any models subordinated to an
specific government or governments.

We expect to see the next stage of the ICANN transition at the
conclusion of the current MoU this year.

ICANN should continue its evolution and, in our view, should remain
organizationally and financially stable and mature.

ICANN must improve its internationalization. Having regional liaisons is
just the first step. It's needed to foster regional participation from
all the stakeholders in every region to strengthen ICANN legitimacy.

It is important to further internationalize ICANN, particularly to make
it less captive of the rules of only one jurisdiction. The US government
needs to lessen its perceived and actual influence on day-to-day
operations of ICANN and its role with the DNS, especially the IANA

Furthermore, ICANN must encourage Governments participation into the
Government Advisory Committee (GAC)

Jéssica Calvo, Administrator
NIC-Internet Costa Rica
National Academy of Sciences