ISOC Québec is fully supportive of the actual ICANN mandate. We think ICANN is the proper forum to address the issues that are in its mandate.


We also think it is crucial that the US government be able to acknowledge the fact that although it has been the initiator and overseer of ICANN, it must now give ICANN a status compatible with that of the independent regulator it should be. This entails ICANN should be free from individual government influence or undue corporate lobbying, while simultaneously enabling all stakeholders in ICANN affairs to be heard and be able to exert influence in its decision-making process.


Achieving this goal entails:

  • Ensuring meaningful representation of the user community on the board of directors,
  • Providing financial and logistical support to the ALAC so that it can bring meaningful user representation within ICANN,
  • Making sure ICANN’s operations respect the good governance principles (transparency, accountability, due process, etc.) that any respectable international organization should abide by.



Luc Faubert


ISOC Québec