From: "Hitman Justin" <>
To: "" <>
Date: Sat, Jul 8, 2006 7:32 PM
Subject: How the Internet should be ran

well I dunno if I'm supposed to email this to you or what but here is my
as you know the Internet was originally made to be free, and even as a
person who chooses to purchase my software, i agree with this, sure places
like eBay should still be able to bid and buy and sell stuff but i think if
someone somehow gets their program or songs stolen, who's fault is it but
their own? its their won fault. If i where to build a successful operating
system i would for 1 release it free anyways but if i didn't and some one
where to buy it then let people download it from them i would be fine with
it. also i think there should be a little more protection from hackers and
spammers, i think if a company (a big company like apple, Microsoft, sears
... ha ha) where to start spamming the emails of their customers i think
they should be fined, i think anyone who spams message boards should be
reported and have that message looked over, and if it truly is Spam they
should have their account deleted and ip address blocked from that certain
site. I think the Internet should be ran very loosely letting anyone really
do what they want but if someone really tries to hurt someone by spamming
them or trying to steal their info then they should be punished , I'm so
sick and tired of having to be so careful on the Internet, i want to be able
to just visit a site and get whatever work i had done, that's it, i don't
want to have to worry about spyware or addware, i just want to have a great
experience i know i go back and forth on my opinion but hear me out

thank you,