To: <>
Date: Sun, Jul 9, 2006 11:38 PM
Subject: How the internet should be run

The proposed destruction of net-neutrality would severely cut off many thriving aspects of American life. Commerce would be damaged due to the fact that struggling .com businesses would just plain have to shut down. Companies such as American Online could very easily restrict websites, email and overall freedom of speech and expression-as I am more than certain some already do. America Online has been known to block websites that critize its email and server networks, but who is to say that a CEO might not do the same for the political party he donated to? Is it far-fetched to say that free transportation of information, ideas and data will completely halt? I believe that only powerful company only news and data networks will remain (and grown) from this proposed ban on net-neutrality. Please, for the good of free speech and the good of the internet, DO NOT allow this to happen. America will be viewed not as a bastion of expression, ideas and knowledge, but of secrative political parties and abridgement of rights.