From: "Travis Thomas" <>
To: <>
Date: Tue, Jul 4, 2006 12:47 AM
Subject: the internet

Two weeks ago someone big made the statement that we are in the "golden age"
of the internet.
That is because some time soon ether the goverment or comcast is going to
make the internet suck ass.

The goverment should stop useing the internet to spy on poeple.
The internet is such a huge part of my life and all of my friends lifes'
that recording what I'm doing on the internet would be like me:
#1Recording all of your private conversations that you make to your closest
#2Record all of your phone calls.
#3Kept records of everything you do for fun.
#4Kept records every book read.
#5Kept records of every tv show you watch.
So on.. you get the idea.
And no you don't have to be doing anything for for this [expletive deleted] to [expletive deleted] you off.

No ISP should ever be alowed to charge users for companys for bandwith or be
allowed to have membership packages ( other then bandwith speed) and should
never be allowed to put up internet tolls. That's crap and would mess up the
interent over night.

ISP's shouldn't be able to keep any form of history.

ISP's should never be able to give out my info to anyone for any reason, but
the goverment and the goverment should only be able to get this info if they
have a warrant. Then once the warrant is in place then the ISP can start
keep track of my history. But intell then no history should be kept.

The RIAA and the MPAA should never be given my info. RIAA and the MPAA can
fight there own battles, we don't need to be giving this ass's any help.

We shouldn't try to make the internet "safe for kids", that's crap. Kids
should get there ass's off the internet unless there mom or dad are in the
room. I won't have the internet recked and my privacy raped in order to help
kids that shouldn't be on the internet to start with.

ISP's shouldn't be allowed to choke or shut down any port of traffic.
I pay for the internet, not: "the internet, comcast style."

Websites from other conties should never be shut down by the USA goverment.
It's not our land, it's not our laws, it's not our right.

I'm not even sure if this is what you were looking for. But there it is, you
can use it to mess me over now.