From: Jack <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 6:16 PM
Subject: DNS for the new age


My opinions on this are very simple.

ICANN has been a complete boondoggle, they have ignored the suggestions
of the populace at large on the Internet, even going so far as to remove
the members-at-large that were established as a means of the Internet
populace to have a vote on things. We don't need an Internet version of
the UN. We need a technocrat running the show, not a pile of
"diplomats". Does ICANN even know who the IETF or ISOC is?

The IANA & ARIN functions should be handed over to one of the US
universities, as it was before in the days of Jon Postel. Or maybe the
ISOC. What we need here is a no [expletive deleted] benevolent dictator who will
make sure that technical user consensus is the guiding factor in all
Internet development. Not corporate greed or political arm bending.

And all the GTLDs should be subsumed into the .US domain, leaving only
the 2 letter ccTLDs.

.US domains should be affordable. Other countries may do what they want
with their domain names. I don't care.

Network solutions should not ever have anything to do with domain name
registrations other than as a registrar on par with all other
registrars, and to continue their maintenance of their DNA machines
again on par with all others running top level DNS machines.

Registrars are good and should continue.

Internet access should be defined in law as a maximum rate limited IP
delivery service with no other restrictions as to content, server
operation or any other factor. If ISPs want to provide something that
falls short of this (ie blocking ports, banning servers, banning
services, etc) they will have to advertise their offering as "limited
Internet" as opposed to "unlimited Internet". Truth in advertising is
badly needed here.

Those are my thoughts, for what they are worth.

Have a nice day.

Jack Follansbee
private Internet domain owner since 1995
"Nothing screams 'poor workmanship' like wrinkles in the
duct tape."
- Red Green