From: Preston Ursini <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 1:56 AM
Subject: The Government and the Internet

I'll keep things simple for you guys since I know you probably get a
lot of email.

We want net neutrality. I'm sure corporations are able to lobby and
make it look as if we don't want it, but trust me, we do. All who
voted against net neutrality should be thrown out of office for

Don't restrict content. Child pornographers aside, we need to keep
the internet free.

Put stress on telcos. Keep your foot on the neck of the telco
providers and assure that they do not do anything to corrupt the
internet, restrict content, restrict the flow/speed of content, and
keep them from inflating prices. You're the one with the power, not
them. If we don't watch them, they will be like IBM in the 80's or Ma
Bell. Let them know who is boss.

Punish the MPAA/RIAA. They are filthy rich extortionists. Take all
their money and put it to use on something great we can all enjoy.

We are #1. Don't give the Internet to the UN.

The baby countries who want control of name-servers, etc are a bunch
of wussies that will screw it up. You guys have been doing fine with
ICANN/etc. Keep DNS as it is.

Preston Louis Ursini
All American Citizen
Paducah, KY