From: "Marijn Oosterveld" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 2:24 AM
Subject: Serious reply : How the internet should be run

Dear NTIA,

I saw an article on that said comments where asked about running the internet . Here are my ideas:

1. 1 Public Profile websites ( e.g. )
Public profile websites like myspace can cost a lot of stress and confusion.A lot of people read about raping, stealing and other bad actions taken by people with public profiles, like myspace users. Public profiles have a lot of "tools" and "options" you can use. There are so many of these tools and options that public profiles are beginning to get complicated and to much advanced for a normal user to use correctly. Public profiles are starting to get verry confusing, because a lot of teenagers take there profiles very serious and spend hours on them, and they often feel "attacked" by the one that judges his or her website as "wrong","bad" or a comment saying : "this website **** " . See freedom of speeach for more info on this.

Example A:


The above URL shows up on the GOOGLE search engine if you type the keyword : worst myspace website. This user has made a verry "stressfull" website by adding a verry busy wallpaper, and making a lot of text different colors.

Public profiles must maintain a set of rules to avoid "space/email wars":

A. Post a normal picture of yourself ( e.g. normal daylife)
B. A way to post REAL age, gender, etc.
C. A way to block contact to unknown-users
D. The maker of the profile must chose to get comments or not.

2. 1 Freedom of speech / responsebility
Freedom of speech can not be avoided, but there is a way to avoid a argument. The make of a webpage should make a choice to receive comments or not. The maker of the website should be responsible for his actions.If a profile website gives you the option to make a webpage, and you make one, It is your responsebility to post information.

3. 1 Copyrights ( e.g. )
A lot of copyrights are broken by video websites like . before posting a video, instructions are have to be shown what is right, and whatr is wrong.

4. 1 Sharing movies
There should be offered more ways to download movies and other content. A lot of internet users say that movies are expensive. There are more websites coming which only charge a small amount of money for their movies. There should be more.

5. 1 Chat
There must be certain rules with chat to avoid angry users:

1. Do not let a user make his own smiley bigger then the smileys delivered with the Instant messenger client.
2. Block certain bad words.

6. 1 Hobby groups
The internet began as a hobby. It should return to that old status. There should be more resources for "geeks" to come together, share input and build. Making the internet should be a challenge like in the early days.

7. 1 Company websites
The internet should be a book with company's in it. Each company can promote his website and make it easier to access. Each website should pay for a set of keywords. If you search a company that makes american-flags , there should be a list of company's which makes flags, not a list of websites which have the word "flag" in them. Depending on your region , you can choose a company from this list.

Example ( not real )

Website :
Keywords which a search engine will search in :

8. 1 The internet should be rebuild.
The internet should be rebuild. There are a lot of computers which are doing nothing in this world, but can be used as webserver, to make websites. Old computers must be picked up free and used again by the goverment to make more webspace.

At the rebuild of the internet, users will get a more bandtwith. What used to be a DSL modem, should be replaced by normal networking equipment, like a 100mbs line. When a company desides to run the website on "internet Version 2" , it should contact the goverment and switch over, check the website for viruses and upload it.

The internet version 2 will be accesable first using something like remote desktop, thin client technology etc. I am currently building this Version 2.

For more info or ideas, I am open for everything Contact me at my e-mail : or mobile phone : +31 (0)655515119

Please contact me if you have seen and/or read this e-mail,

Marijn Oosterveld