From: Sisco Taicho <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 5:59 AM

I am going to quote quite a few people here, mostly on a site that you may heard of named This social site is one in which I most frequently visit, and I would bank that a majority of its members think similarly to me. And similar to my own opinions are the following: *also note, I have some programming experience, as well as some paper writing. And in these experiences I've learned that if something is done right the first time... Use it the second time. :D, credit included*

"Unless a satisfying conclusion can be made about the governence of the Internet, it will split. Unless the US government concedes on certain issues in the near future, the Internet will split as it is.

I do not want a future where there is a US-NET, where you can't get your neighbours website but WALMART is available. I do not want a future where theres an EU-NET where its so inefficient that it breaks down every six hops. I do not want a future where theres an ASIA-NET where when you search for Tiananmen Square, all you get is pretty pictures." - szelij -

"I thought everyone -- at least on Digg -- knew that the UN really really really really wants to run the internet. Now, if you think about it, nearly two thirds of the member states in the UN are run by UNELECTED DICTATORS, so having these despots running the internet is not a good idea. This international threat to the now US private company that runs the internet is a political one -- and a political threat to everyone. Read George Orwell, then try real hard to deciper the difference between who's running the EU now and who was working on the wrong side of the Cold War in Europe then; and then calculate for yourself how many UN member states are actually freely elected governements and then you will agree with me that the internet should just be left alone. The evil inherent in totalitarian governments vs. the problem of capitalistic concerns is clear when you remember that Wall Street has no guns or standing armies or WMD. Leave the internet the way it is. And no UN
interference, at least until the oil-for-food scandal and monies are all acounted for or at least until all the UN's billions of misspeant monies in their budget is accounted for, or at least all the sexual abusers caught on UN convoys in third world countries are brought to trial -- not. Well, maybe we should let the UN run things if they promise to give up their fancy New York digs and diplomatic parking privileges and move them to some impoverished third world country. (Then no one from other countries would want to be posted to the UN, all that altruism would go out the door.) As an American, I'm sick of footing the bill for these thieves and rapiests at the UN. Keep your mitts off my internet." - Cooperjones -

"for the love of god... give us the 45Mbps sec we were promised. there was $200 billion in tax cuts given out to companies who promised 45Mbps to every houshold by 2006. i want fat pipes.


"Don't change something that already works, and works pretty damn well" - ivko -

^I believe in this exactly, and I also believe that it should be kept the way it is.

No to taxing internet phone calls. Stop messing around with the current taxes and you wouldn't have to ...mess us over more than you are. Tax breaks for the rich and tax for voip = wrong you selfish (so and so)..... (Directed to gov't in general. Hey, people say Sony Entertainment shouldn't be dissed on for Sony Corp. mistakes, well, they're just different parts of the dragons body, still the dragon.)

No tiered internet. No split internet. No throttling. Give us what was promised. Hold companies accountable for their words. Keep the internet free as in beer (no taxation) and speech. The internet is not anyones to limit. Not AT&T, not Verizon, not AOL, not the UN, not anyone. It's like the constitution, it declares your freedom, not your limitations. Unfortunately, such an idea has been seen as treason lately by the current admin.

Well, there you have it. Please consider what I, and the others I have quoted, have said. Thank you for reading this, Have a good day.