From: Anne Solsrud <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2006 7:01 AM
Subject: Nobody can control the internet

Censorship, priorities to certain customers, banning of content and all af
the powertools goverments loves and hates is impossible to implement on the
internet. In china 40% of the powerusers are using proxy-servers abroad and
have accordingly access to the same information as you and me. The beautiful
thing about internet is that it cannot be controlled by people like Bush,
Blair, other B's and theirs alike. Internetnet is anarchy and accordingly
belongs to the people - nobody else. Try to settle on legal priorities and
constraints on the net, and we will allways fin a way around such jokes. Why
the hell don't You put emphasis on the possibillities of the net instead of
using a hell of a lot of recources to limit the possibillities.

I perfectly well understand why the bastards in power are terribly frightend
of the fact that there is an information channel out there that they cannot
control. My answer to their pathetic attemts to use the traditional methods
to control somtething uncontrollable is "[expletive deleted] YOU - THIS IS OUR WORLD - NOT YOURS!" And as a citizen of this world living in a close to free society I demand my freedom. If somebody tries to hijack it, I go banana and use my
knowledge and possibillities to strike back. That's my right as a fellow
human being of this earth.

Have a nice day and focus the recourses on the enourmous possibillities
implied in the technology of the net and not to forget the creativity and
intelligence af all it's users.


Kjell G Offerdal
Schleppegrellsgate 15b,
N-0556 OSLO